Corporate Values Drive Success

In our role as commercial General Contractor, we have had the opportunity to see first-hand how strong corporate cultures with solid values drive success both internally and externally.

KasCon has developed a culture over our 20-year history which mirrors those values so vital to establishing and growing our client relationships.  The cornerstones of the KasCon culture include transparency, personal and timely communication, empathy, equity and respect.


Transparency is a popular buzz word that captures the importance of playing it straight.  On the client side it means just that, providing complete information in a candid and timely way.  Within the organization, transparency comes with open and full disclosure regarding expectations, performance and compensation.  Open communication is the norm at KasCon, but it is supported by having two sit-down reviews per year with each employee.  Everyone knows exactly where they stand relative to expectations and there are no surprises.


Accessibility, timely communication and responsiveness are keys of our client service.  When questions or issues arise on a construction project, they are usually time-sensitive; clients need to know they can reach out on the moment and get answers.  Internally, our employees feel they can share openly any concerns or issues related to their work and lives.  If an employer wants its team to share what factors are affecting performance the firm’s managers need to be accessible and approachable.

Empathy & Equity

A sense of loyalty and respect is generated when communications between client and contractor include empathy.  Understanding the pressures the client faces is a key contributor to a successful relationship.  The same holds true inside the organization.   A climate of caring and understanding facilitates communication and good communication drives performance.

Fairness in the contracting relationship creates a backdrop for a successful project by reducing the need for parties to jockey for position and leverage each other.  The result is a win-win arrangement that assures less stress, so common in many construction projects and better collaboration.  Individuals within an organization will much more likely thrive in a climate of equitable compensation, merit based evaluations and opportunity.

Building a company culture rooted in values of transparency, accessibility, empathy and equity sets a foundation for success inside and outside the organization. Greater employee satisfaction and self-worth promotes both performance and employee retention. These same values in the marketplace fosters relationships and repeat business.  This allows the organization to sustain itself and assure that it will thrive.