KasCon Celebrates 25 Years of Going Beyond Construction!

KasCon is pleased to celebrate 25 years in business. Established in 1999, KasCon has grown consistently while maintaining a high level of quality and service. We are a trusted commercial real estate partner whose expertise and experience allow us to add value to the entire commercial real estate process. We thrive on the most challenging projects from concept to completion.

Our Approach – The “+”

KasCon’s approach is centered on developing a 360-degree view of every project. We look at each project as more than a transaction. We capture the whole instead of just focusing on the pieces traditionally assigned to the contractor. We ask questions, uncover goals, and seek to understand the needs of our partners and clients. We are managers + builders +. The extra + is a philosophy of going above and beyond expectations.

Core Values Drive Success

Solid core values have a way of driving success in all facets of business, attracting and maintaining quality personnel, managing the best value subcontractors and providing our clients with exemplary service.  Today we hold the same core values we started with 25 years ago:

  • Responsiveness: Everything we do is time critical. With KasCon you will receive responses to e-mails and calls in hours, not days.
  • Transparency: We provide straightforward honest answers, communicate clearly and succinctly, and make sure even complex issues are clear and understood.
  • Doing the Right Thing: It’s a simple rule that works in every situation whether it be an internal HR concern, a subcontractor issue or collaborating with a partner or a client.
  • Loyalty and Respect: KasCon focuses on building relationships with our partners and team members. We believe that if we treat everyone with respect and appreciation, the final product flourishes.

Concept to Completion

KasCon prides itself on contributing throughout the entire project life cycle. We don’t shy away from building estimates from limited concept information.  We want to participate, provide input, offer suggestions, and build value. We manage and navigate the critical pre-construction process, aggressively schedule and construct our projects, and close them out in a way that leaves a lasting impression and creates the repeat business that has been a constant for 25 years.

Expertise and Experience

The KasCon team is anchored by experienced leaders.  President Jeff Kassman brings over 35 years of professional experience. His philosophy of not just managing construction but acting in his client’s best interests, in all aspects of a project, is shared by the entire organization.

KasCon’s record of success, financial stability, strong working capital and bonding capacity mean that no matter the economic climate or changing circumstances of a project, we’ll be here to complete the work and support our clients.

People First

Our philosophy of putting people first means our people stay – we are proud of a 95%+ retention rate.  Those values and an experienced stable workforce yield great work. We provide a generous compensation structure and are committed to training and developing our team members. To accommodate our growth and future expansion plans, KasCon recently moved into new, larger office space and is actively hiring.

We’re excited that our new offices provide a terrific physical location for the next 25 years of growth!