We Understand Government & Defense Contractors

Whether your project involves expanding standard office space or has SCIF requirements, KasCon understands your unique challenges. KasCon works with local, state and federal agencies, as well as defense contractors to build general office, IT, research and conference space. Our experience also includes sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) projects, with  elements such as STC rated doors and frames, security hardware and equipment, RF shielded walls, ceilings and floors, intrusion protection, specialty fire protection, back-up power systems, grounding, power filtering and isolation systems, High-Tech independently operated HVAC systems, access flooring and other specialty elements.

  • Understands technical requirements of SCIF projects and adherences to specific security and safety protocols
  • Navigates the complex needs of governmental projects including proper communication and documentation, and coordination of inspections
  • Manages interactions with vendors, client stakeholders and jurisdictional authorities