KasCon Goes Beyond Construction

We provide proactive leadership and oversight on every project, resulting in smoother, less stressful projects with fewer surprises and changes. We handle a range of projects from interior fit outs and occupied renovations to adaptive reuse projects, full building renovations and new building construction.


KasCon reviews each project to identify and anticipate potential issues, eliminate problems before they happen and find efficient, affordable solutions.

During Pre-Construction, KasCon will:

  • Perform site surveys and identify base building material specifications
  • Schedule and lead permit review meetings
  • Develop an itemized conceptual budget
  • Create preliminary schedules
  • Identify long lead-time items
  • Pre-qualify subcontractors
  • Perform value engineering
  • Create final budgets
  • Develop final construction schedules
  • Pre-release long lead-time materials for purchase
KasCon pre-construction services

For projects involving a bid, KasCon will also:

  • Clarify project details with Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Determine and clarify subcontractor scopes
  • Provide voluntary alternate options
  • Create and submit detailed itemized bids
  • Prepare contracts for execution


KasCon understands how all the elements of a project fit together to create a success.

Services construction

When appropriate, we will take the lead on organizing the entire project team (such as engineers and architects) to make sure that every question has been asked and answered. We advise clients on all project elements well beyond the hard construction; this may include items such as permit obstacles, lease or purchase concerns, code challenges, utilities, equipment, furniture, cabling and more – depending upon the project and client needs.

During the Construction phase, KasCon provides:

  • Full-time site management and supervision
  • Daily schedule monitoring
  • Centralized submittal log management
  • Change event management
  • Progress meeting administration and tracking
  • Request for Information administration
  • On-site safety program implementation and management
  • Quality Control Program implementation and management
  • Project accounting

Closeout & Post-Construction

KasCon knows that a project isn’t complete when the construction ends. We simplify the final punch-list and move-in process, as well as provide the documents and information needed to use the space moving forward, including:

  • Punch list resolution
  • Operation and maintenance resource guide creation and distribution
  • Release of Lien administration
  • One-year warranty service
  • Service support
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