Welltower Canopy Addition  

The + is identifying the client’s needs and building a logistical plan that meets them.   

This project entailed the construction of a large canopy designed to provide drop off and pick up parking cover at the entry of one of the busiest medical buildings in the state. The canopy design required concrete footings, a structural steel frame, brick veneer, custom aluminum panels, roofing and lighting work.  All were designed to make the structure appear to have been part of the original construction. The client wanted to minimize the amount of time the main entrance to the building would be closed.  They selected KasCon because of its logistical plan and associated delayed start. All materials were procured in advance of the construction start with guaranteed “hold-to” dimensions provided where needed. Disruption and inconvenience to patients and other occupants of the building was minimized by careful planning that limited the on-site construction duration to 10 weeks.

Project Highlights

  • Minimized Disruptions to Heavily Trafficked and Confined Work Site
  • Seamlessly Implemented Complex Design that Utilized Custom Materials with Long Lead Times
  • Developed Creative Logistical Solutions to Manage Building Entry During the Project
  • Delivered a Quality Finished Product with Exacting “Match Existing” Results

Project Details

LocationColumbia, MD
TeamArium|AE, TEC, Welltower
MarketHealthcare, Other
Project TypeOccupied Renovation

Client Testimonial

Better Results Than Expected

"Recognizing the complexity of the issues at our extremely busy medical center, we have truly benefited from the experience and care shown by the KasCon team.  The high-quality work and excellent service gave us better results than we ever expected.  We truly appreciate the commitment on this project, right down to the last brick.  We look forward to working with KasCon again in the future."

Carolyn Stanger, RPA® - Welltower

Senior Property Manager