Pre Construction Phase

Services provided during the Bid Phase of the project are designed to assure a complete working scope, eliminate future changes, and identify areas where alternative methods and materials can be utilized to exact savings.


Site Survey

Survey entire project site for:

  • Existing Deficiencies
  • Code Violations
  • ADA Compliance
  • Electrical/Mechanical Capacity
  • Access Issues 

Assist in the identification of Base Building Material Specifications which may require modification/supplementation:

  • Curtain Wall/Storefront Manufacturer
  • Brick/Mortar Specifications
  • Ceramic/Stone Specifications
  • Toilet Partition/Accessory Manufacturer Specification
  • Light Fixtures
  • HVAC Diffusers & Registers

Permit Review Meeting

Arrange and attend a preliminary permit meeting with the local governing agency. Help identify potential issues that could affect the project schedule. Establish lines of communication with affected inspection agencies.

Conceptual Budget Formulation

Review preliminary plans and project parameters. Develop an itemized, quantified and qualified budget, organized in CSI (Construction Specification Institute Format) 16 Division Format.

Preliminary Schedule Formulation

Consult with Architect and client, incorporate knowledge of the project scope, jurisdictional constraints, and material availability in developing a preliminary project schedule. Identify responsibilities and key project milestones.

Long Lead Time Item Identification

Review project required elements and assist the project team in identifying long lead items that could cause sequencing conflicts or delay the completion and beneficial use of the project.

Subcontractor Pre-Qualification

Analyze the scope of work in each trade category and identify appropriate subcontractors who are qualified to perform this work. Subcontractors to be selected from exiting pre-qualified database and evaluated on the basis of experience, staffing capability, and financial stability.

Value Engineering

Review the project elements and evaluate alternative cost effective substitutions or methods which will provide the client with improved value.

Final Budget Formulation

Review 80-90% documents, incorporate enhanced knowledge of the project, and develop a final hard budget suitable for a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract option.


 Incorporate knowledge of the project scope, jurisdictional constraints, and material availability in developing a final construction schedule. Identify responsibilities and key project milestones. Incorporate direct owner contracts.

Pre-Release Select Materials

Expedite purchasing of long lead items to facilitate receipt of materials in the sequence of construction.