Construction Phase

The Construction Phase of the work includes services more traditionally associated with General Contractors.  Our management systems are flexible enough to produce any documents the client may require to monitor job progress.


Site Management

Provide full time site supervision:
     - Manage and coordinate efforts of subcontractors.
     - Maintain quality control over all elements of the project
     - Assure strict adherence to contract documents

Schedule Monitoring

Monitor the project on a daily basis to confirm that materials and labor are available in sufficient quantity to maintain the pre-determined project schedule.

Submittal Log Management

Develop and maintain a complete list of all project material submittals. Monitor the transmittal of these documents between subcontractor, general contractor, architect, engineer(s), and client.

Change Event Management

Respond to all requests for changes in the contract scope of work. Monitor the approval status of each request and summarize its impact to the project budget and schedule.

Progress Meeting Minute Administration

Chair weekly progress meetings. Develop and distribute minutes which indicate action items, responsible parties, and targeted completion dates.

Request For Information Administration

Document all requests for information and track the status of each.

Safety Program

Administrate on site safety program.

Quality Control Program

Administrate quality assurance program including independent inspections performed throughout the course of the project.

Project Accounting

Maintain thorough and complete accounting records throughout the duration of the project. Deliver schedules of value, itemized requisitions, and substantiation of all reimbursable costs.