Close-out/Warranty Phase

The Project Close-Out / Warranty Phase include services that will be critical to the end user throughout the duration of their enjoyment of the construction.


Punch List Formulation

Develop a complete punch list and administrate the timely completion of all items. Verify final acceptance elements. 

O&M Manual Creation and Distribution

     - Collect, compile, organize and distribute documents related to the project.
     - Operation and Maintenance Instructions for all equipment

     - Product Care instructions for all finished surfaces
     - As-Built drawings (Architectural/Mechanical/Electrical)
     - Product warranties

Release of Lien Administration

Collect Final Releases of Lien from all subcontractors.

Warranty Response

Maintain contact throughout the first year of occupancy and respond to all requests for warranty service. 


Maintain contact throughout the duration of the lease and respond to all requests for modifications to the original construction. Maintain contract document archives to facilitate the performance of such work.