KasCon enjoys a healthy Working Capital position as well as a significant Line of Credit. Its conservative business practices and exemplary performance record allow it enjoy  a $20 million dollar bonding program with AAA Rated Travelers Insurance. Both Banking and Bonding references are available upon request.


A strong network of qualified subcontractors and suppliers is vital to KasCon’s success. Our location and experience of the firm’s managers allows us to draw from the best subcontractors in the region including those from both Baltimore and Washington DC Metropolitan areas. The firm’s history of equitable management and prompt payment make us a preferred customer of vendors throughout the region. 


KasCon is fully computer integrated, and virtually every aspect of the firm’s business is conducted electronically.  Microsoft Office 2000 products are used extensively as well as AIA Contract Document Software. All project data is stored on secure servers which are backed up off site nightly to assure the integrity of our data. All of our Project personnel have instant e-mail notification, and we use the medium extensively to communicate with clients, architects, subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers. Any member of the KasCon organization can be reached via e-mail by directing to: First Initial, last name


KasCon utilizes Primavera – Sure Trak to develop custom critical path schedules for each of its projects. Our schedules clearly delineate Owner and Contractor responsibilities and can be organized by a variety of different criteria to promote understanding and accountability.


KasCon utilizes Timberline Gold accounting software to meticulously track cost accounting on a project. That system is complimented by an in-house designed system to track subcontractor insurance and lien releases. KasCon provides its clients with the greatest possible lien protection by confirming supplier payments prior to release of funds.

Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command

when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.

 -Tony Robbins-