KasCon, Inc., a privately held Commercial General Contracting firm established in 1999. Located in Howard County, Maryland the firm is ideally situated to offer its services in both the Baltimore and Washington D.C./Northern Virginia Markets. KasCon’s portfolio includes commercial projects, large and small, in a wide range of industries in both Interior and Shell Building construction. The common thread in KasCon’s work is the process, effort and attention we bring to each aspect of the services we offer. 

… As “Managers” we are intent upon involvement in every aspect of a project that our client deems appropriate. We know the success of a project is so much more than the construction and want to be involved with as much of the process as we can to assure that success. 

… As “Builders” we bring expertise and the ability to plan, schedule, document and communicate in a way that allows us to execute the most complex and challenging projects.

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

- Warren Buffett -