Jeff Kassman – President

Jeff has over 30 years of professional construction experience in positions ranging from Assistant Project Manager to Executive Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer.  After spending his youth on drywall and carpentry crews in New York he studied architecture for one year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Jeff’s taste for design, but true love of building made a Construction Management degree a better fit.  He completed his formal education at The University of Maryland at College Park in 1986.  Maryland has been home ever since.

After graduating, Jeff worked for New York based Real Estate developer S/A Associates with his primary undertaking being the completion of a 37 story commercial office tower in Baltimore, Maryland.  Once completed, Jeff managed the tenant leasing and construction process.  Following this 2 year stint, he joined General Contracting firm, The Leapley Company, in the capacity of Project Manager.  Several hundred projects, and several hundred thousand square feet of construction later Jeff was promoted into the management ranks; first as General Manager of the firm’s Baltimore Branch office, and later as Chief Operating Officer at the firm’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Jeff has a history of pushing the limits of traditional roles and positions.  As a Project Manager he developed a reputation for reaching beyond the construction scope and delving into design, leasing and other aspects of his projects.  By so doing, Jeff found that he was better able to understand the needs and motivations of his clients, and offer proactive suggestions as to how the construction process could satisfy the ultimate goals.  Instead of just “managing the construction” Jeff began to represent the client’s interest as it related to construction.  He took this same approach, as he expanded his role of Chief Operating Officer to incorporate all of the firm’s financial aspects including banking, bonding and financial reporting.

Jeff’s aggressive approach to work has afforded him broad and balanced experience.  His core skills of managing and expediting construction projects are complimented by a thorough knowledge of finance, administration, personnel management, insurance, accounting and other related elements of the business.  Jeff continues to prescribe to the attitude that going one step further, putting in a bit more effort, and contributing one more idea serves the interest of all involved.  KasCon is an extension of that thought process.

Since his founding of KasCon, Jeff has overseen dozens of projects ranging from a multi-million dollar outpatient surgery center to a 60,000 square foot indoor shooting range and training center for a federal agency.  Perhaps Jeff’s most satisfying project with KasCon was the Alexandria Corporate Park Building Renovation that spanned 3 1/2 years and accomplished over $17 million dollars in infrastructure repairs and new tenant improvements.

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. 

-Jack Welch-