Henry M. Brown – Vice President – Director of Construction

With over 30 years of construction experience Henry brings a unique blend of field savvy knowledge and the ability to administrate projects with 21st Century skills.  Twelve years of direct field supervision provide Henry with detailed knowledge of all trades.  The balance of his career in Project Management has allowed Henry to round out his experience, and apply the knowledge he obtained as a field manager towards administrating projects from the office.  Strong written and verbal communication skills and a penchant for applying technology accelerated Henry’s growth as a manager and launched him into a position of key responsibility and authority.

Henry’s experience and knowledge was developed as an employee of both large and small organizations.  McCormick Construction offered formalized training, guiding Henry from Carpenters Apprentice to Foreman, helping him develop personnel management skills, organization and the ability to conceptualize and execute a schedule.  Working for a smaller, more specialized historical restoration contractor, Azola Commercial, gave Henry the chance to take full responsibility for client satisfaction while focusing on details and honing his field management skills. 

The Leapley Company recognized the strength in Henry’s background, and targeted him to join its staff of Field Supervisors.  He quickly emerged as a leader with skills that could be utilized at other levels within the organization.  When given the chance to administrate work from the Project Manager perspective, Henry embraced the opportunity. His interpersonal and communication skills, effort and attitude, complimented by the depth of his previous field experience helped develop Henry into a strong well rounded Senior Manager.

A common theme that rings throughout Henry’s career is that of client satisfaction.  His involvement on any given project, at any level, invariably has lead to a satisfied customer; and, it is this approach to work that forms a nexus between KasCon and Henry.    As a partner in the firm Henry is empowered with a full compliment of resources and full decision making authority.

As one of the KasCon partners Henry has acted as Project Manager on countless jobs that have exceeded the $2 million dollar range.  Henry ranks his two Miles & Stockbridge law firm office projects at the top of his KasCon achievements; and, also noting his work 
with both the University of Maryland Medical Systems and the Maryland Stadium Authority as major accomplishments.

Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.

-General George Patton-